on-demand virtual care

Webinar: Moving to On-Demand Virtual Care

This webinar took place on February 2nd, but you can view on demand with no registration required below.

Brian Yarnell, President and Founder of Bluestream Health, and Frank Johnson, CEO and President QLER Telepsychiatry, hosted a webinar to answer how virtual care can make a greater contribution to your organization.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Why On-demand virtual care is growing?
  • How to build a successful on-demand business?
  • How to integrate on-demand virtual care into your technology infrastructure?

Brian and Frank provide commentary on how QLER Telepsychiatry successfully built an on-demand business with Bluestream Health’s Platform-as-a-Service. As well as the challenges and benefits to integrating on-demand virtual care into existing workflows or creating new care models based on on-demand care.

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