Virtual Care Implementation with Bluestream Health

Transitioning from a temporary COVID virtual care solution to a permanent virtual care solution can seem intimidating, but Bluestream Health makes the process of implementation quick and straightforward. Switching the bulk of your everyday appointments to virtual care can be possible in a matter of weeks, whether you have five or 15,000 physicians.

Schedule A Kickoff Call

Having an initial call with Bluestream Health about your implementation plan is vital to transitioning smoothly to a permanent virtual care solution.

During our Kickoff Call, we will:

  • Determine your immediate virtual care needs.
  • Illustrate a virtual clinic workflow for your organization. (see photo below for an example of a virtual clinic workflow)
  • Schedule training sessions for your staff.
  • Set a goal to go-live date.
Sample Virtual Care clinic workflow using Bluestream Health

Once this conversation is done, and we have agreed on a plan, we will begin your implementation plan with Bluestream Health!

Virtual Care Implementation Timeline: What to Expect

Week One

Notify all existing patients of your new virtual care plan. Emails and texts will go out to all of your patients asking them to sign our online consent form. Patients can learn our HIPAA-compliant software, and get comfortable with the switch to virtual health. Virtual appointments can begin in week one. 

Week Two

Your organization can now manage triage and intake via virtual care. Using our online system, you can automatically put patients into the groups they belong in. 

Weeks Three and Four

Now it’s time to install or set up devices in your hospital to enable virtual visits with admitted patients. Using these devices, you can talk to quarantined or isolated patients without having to enter their rooms.

Weeks Five and Six

Congratulations, provider-to-provider calls are possible!  Now, it’s easier than ever for a patient’s care team to communicate. On-demand calls will be available through a simple interface. Additionally, built-in interpreter access is also available 24/7.

EMR Integration

Integration with your EMR sets Bluestream Health apart from other virtual care solutions. Depending on your integration needs and your EHR, this could add an additional 90-120 days to the schedule. Once the integrations are complete, your EMR, calendars, and reporting will all be integrated through the Bluestream Health virtual care system. Reporting will be automatic, saving your providers and staff hundreds of hours each year.

Bluestream Health’s virtual care network allows healthcare organizations to provide care to a greater number of patients in an easy way. Our system is extremely user-friendly and makes it simple for both the patient and provider to have a better care experience. We eliminate the need for patient travel and long wait times and ensure a higher rate of appointments. Virtual consults provide a higher quality of care and are the new solution when it comes to telemedicine. 

Want to know more? Read our implementation playbook or contact us today for a demo.

Photo by Alvaro Reyes on Unsplash

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