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The Virtual-first Solution for Value-based Care

Bluestream Health’s platform is designed to adapt to the unique needs of each healthcare organization, including health insurance organizations and the new breed of “payviders”.

We have deep experience in configuring solutions for value-based care use cases. For example, configuring workflows for scheduled or on-demand healthcare services and unique use cases such as ED diversion.

We understand the importance of member experience. Our APIs are configurable to your workflows so you can deliver a quality member experience by providing seamless access to physicians and immediate routing to specialty providers as needed.

Members can join sessions with their clinicians easily, resulting in fewer missed patient appointments and better utilization for physicians. Built-in, 24/7 interpreting services allow your organization to extend the reach of your services to more members.

What to Look for in a Virtual Care Solution

Find out how upgrading from telehealth to a virtual care solution can simplify your tech stack and lead to increased profits.

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Deliver an Exceptional Member Experience

Quality and Efficiency

With Bluestream Health’s easy-to-use platform, you can build member relationships while improving your quality and efficiency of care. Reliable high-definition video means you’ll never waste members’ or physicians’ time with a poor experience.

Four-way calling allows your physicians to adapt to any episode of care whether that’s including bringing in interpreters, inviting specialists to join the call or adding family members. Single-click video visit invitations make it easy to join any call. Integration is straightforward since no app downloads are required to use the platform on the physician and member sides.

Premier Workflow Reporting and Analytics

Bluestream Health’s real-time reporting functionality provides the insight you need to iterate and improve the member experience, physician satisfaction, and overall efficiency.

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Implementation Your Way

Minimal IT resources are required to implement Bluestream Health. All of the critical elements needed to get an optimized virtual care program up and running quickly are built in, so your organization can focus on its core competencies instead of building new processes and infrastructure from scratch.

If needed, we’ll provide a dedicated resource to help manage the implementation.

With Bluestream Health’s virtual-first platform, you will be able to scale up our value-based programs virtually in weeks not months.

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