One of the biggest challenges facing healthcare facilities is how to effectively and efficiently triage patients. In emergency room situations, nobody should have to sit for hours waiting to be treated. In fact, their life might depend on it. Bluestream has the solution. Our advanced on-demand virtual care platform cuts the time somebody walks through a hospital door to the time they see a doctor down to minutes.

Bluestream’s intelligent routing system allows intake nurses to prioritize patients based on the urgency of their condition, assess them through video engagement, and quickly refer them to a virtual Provider in Triage (PIT), who can consult with patients to determine the kind of care they need. Whether it’s ordering a prescription, blood work, an x-ray, or an actual procedure, Bluestream allows emergency medicine physicians to get patients on the road to recovery faster.

In sub-acute settings, such as nursing homes, urgent care facilities, and healthcare clinics, and post-acute environments, such as rehabilitation centers and skilled nursing facilities, Bluestream offers the same swift and efficient access to healthcare specialists at the click of a button. The last thing anyone wants is to be sent to or readmitted to a hospital unnecessarily. By virtually bringing doctors into healthcare facilities, Bluestream makes it easier to avoid that and to provide them with the treatment they need.

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