How a Virtual Care Platform as a Service enables better care

We’ve written a lot about the differences between virtual care and telehealth. But do you know why one is better than the other? Or how virtual care even works? To understand how virtual care empowers organizations to deliver better care (yes, even better than traditional telehealth) and what to look…

on-demand virtual care

Webinar: Moving to On-Demand Virtual Care

This webinar took place on February 2nd, but you can view on demand with no registration required below. Brian Yarnell, President and Founder of Bluestream Health, and Frank Johnson, CEO and President QLER Telepsychiatry, hosted a webinar to answer how virtual care can make a greater contribution to your organization.…

New CMS Rule

The New CMS Rule – A Step in the Right Direction for Telehealth

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recently released the calendar year (CY) 2022 medicare physician fee schedule final rule. You can read all the details here.  While it was great to get further clarification from CMS regarding the status of the PHE waivers, CMS is looking to collect more…

Case Studies

Case Study – MedStar Health: Lessons in Scaling Connected Care

This short video shares partnership perspectives from Ethan Booker, MD, Medical Director of the MedStar Telehealth Innovation Center, and Bill Sheahan, Chief Innovation Officer of MedStar Health.  You will learn how Bluestream Health has supported MedStar Health’s telehealth initiatives for many years, most recently helping the health system address challenges…


Virtual Care Done Right – Heritage Valley Case Study

Heritage Valley Health System Needs an Embedded Virtual Care Solution Heritage Valley Health System has a longstanding history of patient engagement throughout western Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio. They have been pioneers in giving patients more control over their healthcare experience, beginning in 2006 with implementing self-service kiosks in their lobbies.…

What to Look for in a Virtual Care Solution

Find out how upgrading from telehealth to a virtual care solution can simplify your tech stack and lead to increased profits.

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White Papers

How to create a best-in-class virtual healthcare patient experience

Virtual healthcare should solve many of today’s care challenges-but does it? Creating the best care experience for patients is one of the primary goals in healthcare today. Virtual care is a critical part of this experience. The problem is that for many, the virtual care experience is not good enough or not even accessible.

If you are looking for new ideas to improve the virtual care experience, this white paper will help you.

Checklist: “Key Features to Look for in Virtual Care APIs”

Are you a digital health developer looking to upgrade your platform with virtual care? Are you a technology developer for a healthcare organization, looking for ways to improve how you deliver virtual care services? This checklist will help you develop the right set of requirements for best-in-class virtual care APIs…

Upgrading from Telehealth: What to Look for in a Virtual Care Solution

Five years ago, physicians and patients were reluctant to incorporate telehealth solutions due to poor workflow integration, patient privacy concerns, and uncertainties about insurance coverage. COVID-19 has quickly uncovered the need for robust telehealth services; the demand is higher now than ever before…

In the News

HIMSS TV Features Brian Yarnell, Bluestream Health’s President

In this 3-minute video, HIMSS TV interviews, Bluestream Health’s President Brian Yarnell. In this interview, Brian discusses the evolution of virtual care, how it is becoming more consumer-centric and how the Bluestream Health’s virtual care platform-as-a-service is being used to create better health equity. Brian forecasts where virtual care is…

HIStalk Interviews Brian Yarnell, President, Bluestream Health

An interview with Brian Yarnell, Bluestream Health President by HISTalk. Tell me about yourself and the company. I got started in healthcare 10 years ago. Prior to that, I worked in digital media, consumer behavior, and data-driven analysis for retail, manufacturing, marketing, and sales. I have quite a bit of…

Press Releases

Inc 5000

Bluestream Health Appears for the First Time on the Inc. 5000 List at #1173 and is Ranked #63 in the Healthcare Industry

Three- year growth rate of 554 percent demonstrates commitment to virtual care platform-as-a-service NEW YORK, Aug 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Inc. revealed that Bluestream Health, a virtual care Platform-as-a-Service, ranked number 1,173 on the annual 2022 Inc. 5000 list, with a three-year growth rate of 554 percent. Bluestream Health also achieved an…


Bluestream Health Powers NYC Health + Hospital’s Expansion of COVID-19 Virtual ExpressCare ‘Test To Treat’ Program across New York State

New York State Department of Health taps NYC Health + Hospitals ExpressCare for Statewide COVID-19 ‘Test to Treat’ model – in New York City, ExpressCare has prevented 800 hospitalizations and saved 160 lives through life-saving COVID-19 therapeutics New York – July 26, 2022 – Bluestream Health, a virtual care Platform-as-a-Service,…

Bluestream virtual care solution screenshots on a laptop and desktop computer.

Bluestream Health Provides Telehealth Support to PrimaryOne Health and its Medically Underserved Communities

Virtual care Platform-as-a-Service helps serve Central Ohio patients NEW YORK, July 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Bluestream Health, a virtual care Platform-as-a-Service, has enabled access to virtual care for PrimaryOne Health’s 11 community healthcare facilities across underserved Central Ohio. Bluestream Health’s telehealth services help provide access to services and care that improve the health status of families, including…