Learn more about Bluestream Health

We invite you to learn more with these videos including a customer demo, an in-depth overview of the solution, testimonials, and a customer explaining how they have created new business model with payers using Bluestream Health.

Co-founder and President Brian Yarnell provide a short
demo of the Bluestream Health solution.

Bluestream Health Co-founder and President Brian Yarnell
presents an in-depth overview of Bluestream Health’s Platform-as-a-service.

QLER Telepsychiatry, CEO Frank Johnson, explains how they built their business
with Bluestream Health’s virtual care Platform-as-a-service.

HISTalk Interview with Bluestream Health President,
Brian Yarnell. In this interview, Brian dives into
Bluestream’s strategy and how Bluestream is helping
healthcare organizations adapt to a rapidly changing
environment. View article