Bluestream Pricing

Bluestream Health offers several pricing plans to meet the needs of solo practitioners, small-to-midsize clinics and large health systems.

Rapid ResponseSolo Practice1
FREEContact Us
Small PracticeSmall GroupsProviders: 10 & under
$25per provider/monthContact Us
GroupMid to Large GroupProviders: 11 & over
EnterpriseHealth SystemsProviders: 100 +
HIPAA ComplianceXXXX
Instant Access – No Downloads, Installs or Plug insXXXX
Click to Call LinksXXXX
Peer to Peer EncryptedXXXX
3-Way CallingXXX
Tech CheckXXX
SMS/Email Language CustomizationXX
OnDemand PortalXX
OnDemand Portal LocalizationXX
Image CaptureXX
Remote Device CaptureXX
Virtual care built to your specificationsXX
Offline NotificationsXX
Scheduled and On-Demand VisitsXX
Custumizable Content, Intake, and Survey FormXX
24/7 Access to InterpretingXXX
Turnkey Workflow ConfigurationXX
Drag and Drop InterfaceXX
Intelligent RoutingXX
Auto EscalationXX
“Self Queue”XX
Queue ManagementX
Load Balance Inside/Outside ExpertsXX
Active and Dynamic Data CollectionXX
Admin PortalXX
Facilitator ViewXX
Provider Wide ReportingXX
Audit logs with file event trackingXX
Single Sign-on (SSO) integrationX
Support IntegrationsX
Predictive AnalyticsX
Multi-level BrandingX
Shareable API’sX
Screen CastingX
Geo-partitioned DataX
Live ChatXX
Dedicated SupportXX
EMR IntegrationXXX
Professional ServicesX

Rapid Response

Solo Practice1FREESign Up

Small Practice

Small GroupsProviders: 10 & under$25per provider/monthContact Us


Mid to Large GroupProviders: 11 & overContact us for pricingContact Us


Health SystemsProviders: 100 +Contact us for pricingContact Us

500+ healthcare facilities and over 50,000 healthcare providers use Bluestream to deliver virtual care.

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We deployed rapid response as a solution to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic. It was so popular we decided to continue to offer it. This a great solution for very basic video needs and gives you a great sense of how easy, reliable and fast our solution is. Use if you are in need of quick on-the-spot one-on-one video chats. Look to our other solutions if you need a more robust solution for a group or larger practice.

Our free solution is a great way to set up an impromptu virtual care visit. However, we believe that video alone is not teleheath. Providing true virtual care requires video that connects with clinical workflows that meet your needs, collect data you want, and provide for inclusion of interpreters and other health experts in the process of providing care along with queue management and extensive reporting. You will not find this deeper level of functionality in our free service, but will find it in our other plans.

First of all, we are not your grandmother’s telehealth solution, but we are one that they can use! We are different in that traditional telehealth involves expensive, lengthy deployments that, once built, are really not interoperable; they are simply a silo or four walls. We have built from the ground up a low-cost, easy-to-deploy solution that takes days, not weeks or months, to deploy and NO hardware no matter how complex your needs may be. Furthermore, we are an open interoperable, networked platform that is able to connect your practice with other services should you need them, including interpreters, behavioral specialists or experts of other specialties to improve your care to your patient.

All our customers receive 24/7 support via email and chat. We do provide more dedicated support and training at varying levels starting with Professional plans and up. Additionally, we provide the initial configuration and training to get you off and running fast with our solution.

We do offer integrations in our Enterprise plans and can include them at an extra cost in our Professional plans. Integration includes EMR, ADT and billing systems. With regard to EMR, we can integrate with HL7-based solutions along with others like ECW, Epic and Cerner.

In general we don’t believe that waiting rooms are needed for virtual care; after all, your patient is probably doing something at home, so why make them wait? That being said, our patient queue manager allows any patient to enter a queue that is either managed or automated to be connected with an office manager, nurse, or physician depending on their needs and your workflow. It’s a waiting room without the wait. When it’s time for the visit, the patient and provider will each receive a link inviting them into the meeting with a single click. This makes for far more efficient use of provider and patient time.

For the Professional and Enterprise levels, we offer a few different plan types that are based on different bundled features and a predetermined number of health provider seats depending on plan size. We do not count an admin as a provider for your plan as they are provided admin and reporting rights only. The variety of plan options gives you the flexibility to select the features you need and grow into the business or start off with a full deployment. The solo plan is made for sole practitioners who, while they may be in a group of 10 or less, are really independent practitioners. That plan is a per-seat plan.