Bluestream Health manages the intersection of patients, providers, and payers at every point in the care continuum. The Bluestream Platform gives you the tools to maximize patient revenue in both fee-for-service engagements and at-risk, value-based initiatives. Comprehensive workflow solutions provide a framework to both increase access to care and drive down the cost of care delivery, while flexible API-based integrations allow you to keep what’s already working in place. With Bluestream, patients can access virtual care whenever and however they want, and providers can deliver virtual-first healthcare with ease.

The Bluestream Health Platform

Bluestream Health intelligently connects your patients, providers, and payers to provide meaningful virtual care everywhere along the care continuum. Patients connect through many methods: your existing digital front door, the Bluestream Care Navigator, or even an old-fashioned telephone. Providers from anywhere in your network can provide clinical expertise and support, knowing that they have ready access to the patient data they need.

Direct EMR integration helps data flow quickly and securely, in real-time, so everyone has up-to-the-minute access to patient health information, scheduling, and more. Integration means that in-depth reporting and analytics can be automated, enabling smarter, more strategic decisions.

Patients engage with healthcare providers through multiple front doors, both digital and physical. Bluestream’s patented Provisioning Engine automatically manages the complex process of guiding those patients to the right care providers in real-time. Implement complex care-delivery considerations like routing based on licensing/credentialing or resource availability without extensive coding or IT lift.

Let us help you design the clinical pathways and multi-faceted rules to get your patients on-demand access to quality care. Then, let the Provisioning Engine drive these processes 24/7, automatically.

  • Reduce costs while increasing access to virtual doctor-on-demand services
  • Capture and keep patients by delivering the care they need, right away
  • Better manage providers with provider-initiated care and scheduled sessions
  • Streamline call routing and escalation to improve operational efficiency

Whether you’re providing scheduled ambulatory visits, 24/7 virtual-first healthcare, or anything in between, patient access to care is critical to your program’s success. Bluestream Health makes it easy to deploy multiple digital front doors, video-enable your existing front doors, and provide simple engagement options like one-click invites for patients with any level of technology comfort.

Bluestream’s API provides seamless integration with other platforms to put access to care wherever your patients are. The platform supports any device with no downloads or installs, and even supports traditional phone systems.

Bluestream is designed to help you maximize utilization of your own providers and includes an ecosystem of 3rd-party organizations that offer coverage for clinical specialties and language interpreting. Design your own virtual care platform with unique delivery rules to extract the maximum value from your internal resources.

Workflows that mirror brick-and-mortar techniques, like leveraging Care Navigator, let your providers work at the top of their licenses. Prioritize your own resources when available and have the power of a distributed network when you need it. Provide care for every patient with the industry’s most comprehensive interpreting solutions, built into every engagement.

Streamline operations with real-time data feeds and event-based triggers. Use the Bluestream Health API to trigger virtual care sessions, and write data back via our own API or standards like HL7 and FHIR. Our web-based reporting simplifies access to the information you need, when you need it. Reports are easy to build, download, and customize according to your specifications.

Seamless integration with your EMR, practice management and billing software improves efficiency and reduces errors. Regain control through automation and direct integration with the systems you use every day.

Here’s How We’re Different

  • Open networked and not siloed
  • Single-click video visit access to interpreters specialty providers or family
  • Simple single-click video visits for patient and providers over text and email
  • No downloads apps plugins or installs
  • Automated or manual queue management
  • Patented patient care provision engine
  • Complex clinical workflow made simple to meet any practice need

Comprehensive APIs

Our unique all-in-one approach brings you a customized full solution — not just a set of APIs.

Bluestream’s Enterprise Telehealth API’s Bluestream+ is ready on day one with no additional charges for BAA, and includes HIPPAA-compliance, enterprise environment, SIP intergration, built-in interpreting, and more.

Bluestream+ is an entire virtual care solution in a box goes for beyond what other basic video API provides offer to include all the user interfaces and clinical workflows one needs to stand up a virtual solution. The result is a telehealth solution which requires far less cost and resources to deploy and can be live in weeks.

Our technology is the same used by the world’s leading healthcare organizations, and the best part? You can directly embed it in your own platform with two weeks.

Used by the world’s leading healthcare organizations:

NYCHHC Expresscare

Integrated on-demand and schedule virtual visits into patient-facing landing pages to seamlessly connect New Yorkers to care with a single click


Added virtual physician referrals to its industry-leading referral platform to help patients connect with
specialists for telehealth


Added on-demand and scheduled telehealth to its physician resource platform to help care providers stay connected with patients

Doctor Allways

Launched on-demand access to remote specialists to support visiting physicians using its existing platform

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