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A Simple Yet Powerful Virtual Care Platform

Bluestream virtual care solution screenshots on a laptop and desktop computer.

Bluestream Health is an intuitive and flexible virtual care platform combining video connectivity with the power of medical workflows across every point in the care continuum. No system in the market combines the ease of provider and patient single-click video visits with the capacity to create and organize any robust workflow like Bluestream Health does. Using a simple drag-and-drop interface, you can create and manage the workflow best suited to meet your practice management needs.

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Powerful User-Friendly Features

The Bluestream virtual platform provides powerful features to help health providers deliver better health outcomes:

  • HD video
  • Simple screen capturing and sharing
  • Three-way conferencing
  • Single-click video visit invitations sent via email or text
  • Easily add interpreters, specialty providers, or family members
  • Scheduled or on-demand visits
  • Shareable notes or intake forms
  • Provider-to-provider in-video hand-offs

Open, Networked and Universal

Bluestream is open, networked and universal. Our virtual care solution is an interconnected platform that empowers your physicians and patients to connect as well as include inside or outside interpreters or specialty providers. Bluestream enables a seamless connection between physicians, interpreters, outside providers, and additionally needed resources so that your patients are guaranteed the best continuum of care with the shortest wait.

Bluestream C@nvas screenshot on tablet.

Easy for Both Health Providers and Patients

By making video connectivity as easy as a telephone, we make healthcare cheaper, more efficient, and more accessible. As a result, healthcare providers are better able to reach more people. In addition, by including standard phone connectivity to any video visit, Bluestream removes any technology barrier to care. Our video connectivity makes connecting a more powerful and richer experience. Any number of participants can join using telephony, which is seamlessly integrated using “Valet” our proprietary video-to-audio interface.


Bluestream creates an entire web-based virtual care platform from a scalable set of APIs. In doing so, Bluestream has engineered a solution which is incredibly agile to deploy, easy to use, and among the most powerful virtual care platforms on the market today. To make these platform features widely available to the entire healthcare market, Bluestream has introduced its API program and license called Bluestream+, which allows tech-enabled companies serving the digital health market to deploy their own instances of video visits and virtual care telehealth with much less effort and cost.

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Here’s How We’re Different

  • Open, networked and not siloed
  • Single-click video visit access to interpreters, specialty providers, or family
  • Simple single-click video visits for patient and providers over text and email
  • No downloads, apps, plugins, or installs
  • Automated or manual queue management
  • Patented patient care provisioning engine
  • Complex clinical workflow made simple to meet any practice need