New Product Upgrades: Virtual-First Care That Works The Way You Work

Introducing Bluestream Health’s Virtual-First Care Platform

As healthcare transitioned slowly to value-based care over the last decade, telehealth and other remote care solutions became part of the fabric of healthcare. In 2020, the adoption of telehealth exploded in response to the critical need for remote care created by the pandemic. Many healthcare organizations adopted ill-fitting telehealth solutions that cannot scale with them in the future as they grow and evolve.

We are now moving into the next phase of virtual care, Virtual-first Care. This moves beyond basic telehealth to more strategic use of virtual care. Organizations like New York H+H, Medstar Health, Luminis Health, and Heritage Valley Health are using virtual tools to create better patient experiences, more efficient workflows, and new business models. These are helping them accelerate their transition to value-based care, transforming how healthcare is delivered.

Bluestream Health is committed to this transformation and we are excited to share how we have further improved our platform to work the way you work. The new improved Bluestream Health virtual-first platform is designed to empower you to deliver care virtually as well as you do in person. 

Our platform is so much more than a telehealth or videoconferencing tool—it’s a virtual-first care platform, designed for healthcare from the ground up that can be integrated seamlessly into your existing workflows as well as with your electronic medical record (EMR), and other clinical and operational systems.

We have made our platform an even more powerful for healthcare organizations looking to step up their telehealth offerings. Here’s what you need to know about the new Bluestream Health product upgrades.

What’s included in the new Bluestream Health Virtual-first platform?

The biggest issue is that virtual care was not designed to work the way that healthcare works. At Bluestream Health, we listened, and we imagined what true virtual care could be like. This inspired us to create a virtual-first system that is designed for the way healthcare works today yet can evolve to fit future needs.

Bluestream Health’s virtual-first system is delivered either as a complete set of APIs configurable to whatever workflows are necessary or as a turnkey solution, which offers the same scalability and flexibility with industry-leading user interfaces. This eliminates the need for various point solutions, none of which alone do all that health organizations require and that is hard to configure.

New features in the platform include expanding multi-party calls to four or more participants in a session at once. This updated design of the encounter will make it easy for patients to enter a session, to queue, and bring clinicians, interpreters, family members and other members of the care team in and out of an episode of care in the same way a patient would in real life.

And this comes in a solution that is single-click simple for patients and clinicians to use. No downloads are required, just click a link and go.

How does it work?

The key to the Bluestream Health platform is a single Virtual-First WebRTC API that integrates throughout the entire health system, connecting all apps in the organization and EMR Systems to deliver a seamless virtual care experience throughout the continuum of care for patients and clinicians.

Bluestream Health’s APIs are built for healthcare. They come with the functions needed for healthcare-specific workflows. For example, the Bluestream Health solution comes with HIPAA compliant data storage, the workflow to route patients to the right provider, bringing in specialty services such as interpretation and an array of healthcare features, and making the Bluestream Health platform one of the most agile virtual care solutions today.

The solution is easy to integrate into existing workflows and specialty services can be easily added like interpreters, clinical specialists, and family members. Bluestream Health delivers both front-end resources to connect the APIs to a health system and back-end resources to do the work behind the firewall.

Rapid Implementation or DIY

You have choices in terms of how your solution is implemented. We can implement for you or we can provide you with what you need to implement your own solution 

Our telehealth platform provides large or small healthcare providers, clinics, and third-party providers with a simple and low-cost way to build, deploy, and manage complex clinical workflows.  You can go live in weeks instead of months with a solution that will easily scale in complexity to meet your needs flexible enough to evolve with you over time. Bluestream has zero dependencies on third-party video platforms enabling customers to put their health providers on our platform to deliver service or add external resources or a blend of the two without any third-party risks to service.

Last but not least, the Bluestream Health Virtual-first platform is designed so that in-house or third-party developers, digital health application developers can create their own virtual-first solutions.

Check out the platform overview or review our API library. We can create a sandbox for you to experiment with and our team of experts is standing by to advise as needed.

Get a firsthand look at the new Bluestream Health upgrades.

The new Bluestream Health platform builds on and enhances the existing solution, providing clinics and health systems with the technology they need to adapt as the market changes and provide efficient and effective virtual-first care for patients. Want to see the enhanced platform for yourself? Get in touch to schedule a demo.

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