How to Simplify and Accelerate EHR Integrated Telehealth with Bluestream + Redox

Integration has long been a buzz word in the tech industry. The concept of integration in healthcare isn’t new, either. In fact, some EHRs offer a plethora of integrations, but they come at great expense. Yet the practice of integration—in a painless, affordable way—seems like an unattainable goal, especially when it comes to virtual care until now.

Here at Bluestream, we saw an opportunity to help clinics and health systems provide exceptional virtual care by consolidating their tech into a simplified platform. We chose Redox to be our integration partner because they shared our vision of freeing healthcare data. Our partnership with Redox allows us to bring context aware linking for telehealth to any EHR at a fraction of the cost and time – thus making the impossible, well possible.

Some healthcare organizations have cracked the code to simplified virtual care and are thriving as a result. What’s their secret? Their “secret” lies in how affordable and painless telehealth integration with any EHR can actually be.

Redox is the leading interoperability platform for healthcare data exchange. Redox connections build pathways into any EHR and power Bluestream’s patented API (Bluestream+). Our partnership with Redox simplifies the deployment of integrated telehealth, removing the constraints created by EHRs. This makes it possible to offer robust, affordable, integrated telehealth to any health care system, with record-breaking implementation timelines.

We can help your health system transform into a virtual healthcare enterprise in as little as one week with zero implementation cost and no special hardware requirements. Our HIPAA-Compliant solution has industry-leading security and privacy, and comes with 24/7 interpreting and real-time reporting. 

With Redox we make the impossible possible. Connect with Bluestream today so we can let you in on this “secret,” too.

COVID-19 to Everyday Telehealth

Bluestream helps health systems efficiently move from rapid to long-term adoption of telehealth. Download our playbook to find out about one health system’s successful implementation.

The Secret to Simplified Virtual Care Solutions

When we founded Bluestream, we knew we wanted to make virtual care more efficient, even more enjoyable for everyone involved. We wanted it to be extraordinarily easy to hop on a video call from within the EHR — and to do so as quickly and seamlessly as if it was just a simple phone call. 

“That’s impossible!” we were told. “Too expensive!” “It will take too long!”

But we refused to give up until we found a partner who would help us blast away the roadblocks that are inherent in so many health records systems.

That partner is Redox. 

Redox has paved the way for Bluestream to democratize access to telehealth–and our partnership is already making a difference for providers in our network: MedStar Health, Leon, and New York City Health and Hospitals. 

Yet for many other healthcare providers—whether small, private clinics or large multi-state health systems—getting virtual care up and running quickly and integrated into their EHR system seems impossible. And when you look at other available solutions, it’s easy to see why.

Most telehealth solutions today are slow, expensive, and cumbersome because they:

  • no answer to simple EHR integration
  • force users to adopt their prescribed workflows
  • require the purchase of additional hardware
  • require additional licenses at significant cost
  • rely heavily on your IT team
  • take 12-18 months to implement
  • do not scale
  • lock users in and silo the data
  • create extra work and tedious data entry for providers

It’s hard to see a quick return on such a significant investment, especially when implementation is long and drawn out. It’s tempting to search for free or out-of-the box solutions to control costs and timelines.

However, many free virtual care solutions that offer immediate implementation lack critical features because they were built for conference calls, not for healthcare. They may make video calls possible, but they definitely don’t enhance the experience for the patient or the provider. 

When COVID hit, these quick fixes were like tourniquets—good enough for a short time, but dangerous as permanent solutions, especially with anemic security measures that bypass HIPAA compliance.

An affordable, robust telehealth solution is possible

Providers and clinics who rely only on free telehealth solutions know it’s just a matter of time before the solutions are no longer free, no longer supported, or no longer able to keep up with their growth and patient demands. 

What health systems and clinics need in a telehealth solution: 

  • virtual care that gives the patient a similar, recognizable experience to in-person care
  • security and HIPAA compliance
  • an easy, one-step log-in solution for providers
  • real-time reporting and automated data sharing
  • ability to custom create workflows
  • Single click access to interpreters, family or specialists
  • a platform that enables better care and doesn’t get in the way

Most importantly, they want the ability to start a video call right in the EMR and the ability to connect their patients with any provider, even mid-call. 

It’s easy to assume that the only kind of virtual care platform that can offer all of this would be one of those expensive, cumbersome, solutions. Many would say it’s impossible to have the best of both worlds: painless, quick implementation and critical features that can scale.

But a bold, affordable solution exists. 

And its secret lies in simplified, complete integration that offers providers and patients the best telehealth experience possible.


  • a single click launches the video call within the EMR 
  • reporting is automated, saving hours of time 
  • patient data from a video visit is seamlessly and securely added to their record
  • physicians spend more time with their patients and less time entering data
  • deployment in as little as 2 weeks
  • rapid ROI

Make this your health system’s reality.  It’s all possible and can be implemented quickly and affordably. 

Contact us today if you’re ready to be our latest success story.

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