How ReferWell Added Telehealth Visits Into Its Virtually Integrated Network Platform With Bluestream

ReferWell creates a connected virtual referral process to optimize transitions of care. By connecting providers into Virtually Integrated Networks, ReferWell saves patients and healthcare networks alike time and money.

However, ReferWell hit a massive obstacle in 2020, when telehealth became the new normal. The ReferWell platform was built with in-person visits in mind, and building a new platform for virtual care from scratch would be a massive undertaking. Likewise, integrating existing API-based platforms would be resource-intensive and still fail to incorporate the level of complexity they needed.

Instead, ReferWell decided to sign up for Bluestream Health’s telehealth solutions to quickly enable virtual care delivery. After integrating Bluestream’s API into their existing platform, ReferWell can now schedule, carry out, and manage secure, high-quality remote visits.

Download our case study to learn how ReferWell made this switch and see the results of their Bluestream integration.

Download the Case Study

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