Virtual Care the Way that Healthcare Works

Serve a higher volume of patients, in less time, all while reducing the cost of care for your Health System

Earn 10x more patient visits at ⅓ the cost with Bluestream Health Virtual Care.

Increase patient volume while spending less time on each appointment with a virtual care platform that emphasizes usability and simplicity enabling your staff to focus on the tasks that drive revenue.

Empower your physicians to spend more time on patient care and waste less time getting bogged down by poorly designed telehealth systems and cumbersome workflows.

500+ Healthcare facilities and over 50,000 healthcare providers use

Bluestream to deliver virtual care


Video Minutes Per Month


Virtual Care Visits Per Month

30 Seconds

Average Wait Time

Add virtual care capabilities that work the way your health system works. Bluestream Health’s APIs were made to serve healthcare organizations and include built-in HIPAA compliance, SIP integration, instant access to interpreters, and more, all easily integrated into your current systems. 

Optimize your staff’s efficiency highly configurable, healthcare-specific workflows that integrate with your established processes, value-based care initiatives, and any staff’s technical understanding. 

Open your healthcare services to all patient populations with built-in 24/7 interpretation services, which allow your clinicians to serve anyone, regardless of their native language.

Reduce the number of patient visits needed to provide a diagnosis with instant access to medical specialists from all fields of study. Specialists can be added easily into any virtual consult.

Bluestream Health is easy to use for both patients and health care providers. Increase day-to-day workplace efficiencies with Bluestream Heath’s simple interface, which can be accessed directly from a patient’s EMR.

On-board your entire staff in just two weeks due to the ease and intuitiveness of the platform, and reduce wasted time and revenue associated with training. 

Reduce missed appointments by making it easy for patients to attend their scheduled virtual visits. The Bluestream Health virtual care solution doesn’t require patients to download any software. As it’s easy for them to join their virtual consult, they are less likely to miss the appointment.

Improve your intake process with manual and automated patient queues that invite patients via text and email, reducing patient frustrations and missed appointments.

Reduce missed appointments with Bluestream Health

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More than 500 healthcare facilities use Bluestream Health’s virtual care platform. 

Bluestream Health’s virtual care platform works the way you work by combining usability with workflow customization to meet your health systems unique needs. In addition, our flexible API platform makes integration into EMRs, billing, reporting and other core systems quick and easy.

Discover how healthcare systems, such as MedStar Health have implemented Bluestream Health’s virtual care platform within weeks, not months, to scale their virtual care services.

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