Comprehensive APIs for Virtual Care

Our unique all-in-one approach brings you a customized full solution — not just a set of APIs.

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Bluestream’s Enterprise Telehealth API’s Bluestream+ is ready on day one with no additional charges for BAA, and includes HIPAA-compliance, enterprise environment, SIP integration, built-in interpreting, and more.

Bluestream+ is an entire virtual care solution in a box goes far beyond what other basic video API providers offer to include all the user interfaces and clinical workflows one needs to stand up a virtual solution. The result is a telehealth solution which requires far less cost and resources to deploy and can be live in weeks.

Our technology is the same used by the world’s leading healthcare organizations, and the best part? You can directly embed it in your own platform within two weeks.

Used by the world’s leading healthcare organizations:

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Some solutions built with Bluestream:

NYCHHC Expresscare

Integrated on-demand and schedule virtual visits into patient-facing landing pages to seamlessly connect New Yorkers to care with a single click


Added virtual physician referrals to its industry-leading referral platform to help patients connect with specialists for telehealth


Added on-demand and scheduled telehealth to its physician resource platform to help care providers stay connected with patients

Doctor Allways

Launched on-demand access to remote specialists to support visiting physicians using its existing platform

Are you interested in adding virtual care to your current platform with Bluestream Health?

We can seamlessly connect our top-of-the-line patented provisioning engine and video platform so that you can easily manage your own integrated Bluestream API. Contact your account representative today to obtain an API key and propel your application into the future of healthcare. Let’s get started.

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Unique API Features

Secure, Web-RTC Video

Bluestream’s own lightweight and flexible implementation of WebRTC

Patented Provisioning Engine

Support for complex, data-driven routing/escalation in real time

End-to-end Encryption

All communications feature true end-to-end encryption

Integrated Interpreting

24/7 one-click access to video or audio interpreters in over 200 languages, plus American Sign Language (ASL)

Scheduled Sessions

Virtual care sessions can be scheduled ahead of time for specific providers or for general access to specialty

On-demand Session

Embed one-click access to care with on-demand sessions

One-click Join

Patients can join sessions with a single click through a URL, email, text message or direct integration with your platform

Integrated Consent Capture

Customize consent forms and capture patient consent prior to entering a session


Secure screensharing between participants

Image Capture

Capture images from the remote user’s camera and securely transmit directly to your platform

SMS and Email

Send email and text message invites, reminders and alerts

SIP Integration

Direct integration with existing telephone-based platforms, landlines and other audio connects


Secure in-session chat between participants


ALL Bluestream instances are HIPAA-compliant with no additional fees

Firewall Traversal

Included STUN/TURN, plus ability to define custom routes

Regional Media Zones

Option to geo-partition data by country

Real-time reporting

Realtime, push/pull access to detailed reporting

Healthcare-specific UIs out-of-the-box

Bluestream Health’s industry-leading virtual care tools and user interfaces can be directly integrated into your platform, providing the fastest, most cost-effective pathway to a world-class virtual care solution

Healthcare-specific workflows out-of-the-box

Patented technology provides a backbone for complex healthcare delivery, letting you design and deploy a robust solution quickly

Typical Deploy Process

Bluestream+ Twilio/Vonage/TokBox
Week 1 Define requirements
Week 2 Familiarize with API documentation
Week 3 Stand up production environment
Week 4 Integrate APIs into workflows Build internal API layer and database
Week 5 Configure Bluestream UIs Build internal API layer and database
Week 6 Test and deploy Create user interface wireframes
Week 7 Live Build user interfaces
Week 8 Live Build user interfaces
Week 9 Live Build user interfaces
Week 10 Live Build HIPAA-compliant reporting layer
Week 11 Live Build HIPAA-compliant reporting layer
Week 12 Live Test and deploy

Think of something else? Let us know what you have in mind and we’ll find a way to make our platform work for your situation.

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