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Bluestream’s API platform lets you embed powerful virtual visit functionality into your solution quickly and inexpensively.

Bluestream Health’s industry-leading virtual care solution is now available as an API platform called Bluestream+. Bluestream+ empowers technology companies and service providers to seamlessly embed a complete, HIPAA-Compliant video-visit solution within existing applications.

You can now deploy an end-to-end video visit solution, designed specifically for the healthcare market, in a matter of days. Build your own virtual care platform or video-enable your existing service, app, or product with the proven power of Bluestream. Bluestream offers the most comprehensive and secure virtual care infrastructure in the market and is trusted by the largest names in healthcare.

If your business needs a quick path to delivering virtual care, you can count on Bluestream+. Our patented platform is shaped by years of proprietary technology development combined with real-world healthcare deployment, refinement, and evolution. Bluestream+ will help leapfrog you into virtual care.

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Workflows You Can Deploy With Bluestream Tomorrow

Ad-hoc, Secure Video Visits

Easily invite a patient into a virtual care session with a care provider through a text message or email and without leaving your platform.

Scheduled Virtual Care Sessions

Embed virtual care directly into your existing scheduling system for patients and providers.

Capture Patient Assessments In Call

Present care providers with secure assessment forms during virtual care sessions.

Track Activities for Billing and Reporting

Real-time, secure, transactional tracking and reporting.

Add Interpreters to Virtual Visits

24/7 access to ASL and foreign language interpreting on-demand.

Think of something else? Let us know what you have in mind and we’ll find a way to make our platform work for your situation.

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How do I get started?
Review and become familiar with our APIs. When you’re ready, contact to find out more about plan types. Once you have signed up for a plan, we’ll execute a BAA and issue an API Key.

What are plan types based on?
Plan types are based on the total number of monthly participant video minutes and virtual care features available.

What happens once I sign up?
Depending on your deployment complexity, we may set up a requirements review, but in most cases we expect that our self-explanatory APIs will make your integration project easy and straightforward.

What is a typical deployment timeline?
We have seen typical deployments range from two to four weeks. However, timelines depend on your team’s resource allocation to integrate. If you were just integrating video visits you would be on the lower end of the time range, and if you were integrating a full telehealth infrastructure it would take longer.

What resources do I need on my side?
Ideally you would have a dedicated development resource on your end that would be responsible for the engineering required to integrate the Bluestream API into your existing service. Depending on complexity, that resource may need to interface with Bluestream’s API support members to complete their build.

Will you execute a BAA?
Yes, we require an executed BAA after you sign up for a plan, and before you receive your API Key.

Is this secure?
Our solution is built from the ground up to be the most secure video environment possible. Bluestream is HIPAA-Compliant and trusted by many of the healthcare industry’s leading organizations. All communications are end-to-end encrypted, all data is encrypted at rest and in flight, and there are zero dependencies on third-party platforms. If you have specific questions concerning security, or would like to review our policies, please reach out to us at

What video platform do you use?
The Bluestream platform uses our own implementation of WebRTC.

What documentation is available?
Here is our API documentation: