Quick, simple and secure. Let Bluestream help you transform into a virtual clinic.

A Seamless Continuum of Care Bluestream connects you with your patients wherever they are and creates a seamless continuum of care that extends beyond the four walls of your practice. Patients can be connected to the virtual session easily and interact with the doctor, nurse, clinical staff, and interpreters at the same time, making the entire patient visit more efficient for everyone involved. With integrated interpreting access to over 200 languages and American Sign Language, Bluestream Health allows healthcare providers to communicate with patients in their native language and as a result, reach more patients more easily than ever before.

Streamline Your Clinic’s Workflows

Most telehealth services support one-to-one consults, but Bluestream Health supports a full range of complex workflows for both scheduled and on-demand visits- from triage, wound care, behavioral, home health, and beyond. It’s also cost-effective and can be deployed rapidly.

This 100% free guide summarizes the goals, steps, and benefits of transitioning to a virtual clinic.

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Immediate Deployment

  • Move quickly to start seeing patients virtually
  • Conduct 1:1 patient-to-provider video sessions
  • Slow the tide of postponed appointments during the COVID-19 pandemic

Longer-Term Deployment

  • Adapt virtual visits to existing workflows that providers and staff understand
  • Conduct virtual visits that mirror traditional clinic visits
  • Support both in-person and telehealth visits
  • Deliver the right mix of care at the right time and the right place

Transforming to a Virtual Clinic

Bluestream can help your clinic transform to a virtual clinic by combining our market-leading telehealth technology with experienced planning and support services. Below is what an end-to-end virtual visit on Bluestream might look like:


  • Admin staff schedules an appointment
  • Shares information with click-to-call links for easy virtual visits
  • No apps to download, no plugins to install, no registration required


  • Clinical staff starts encounter with patient
  • Confirms/updates patient information
  • Collects any required vitals
  • Reviews medication
  • Warm hand-off to MD/NP/nurse
  • Document in EMR

Virtual Visit

  • Access to patient information during
  • Virtual evaluation/exam
  • In-call documentation
  • 3-way call with interpreter or other clinician
  • Hand-off to staff/MA for follow up


  • Check-out with MA/RN
  • Schedule imaging, tests, or future appointments with patient
  • Answer any patient questions and wrap up visit
  • Consolidated data
Doctor in face mask waving at patient in virtual visit on laptop.

Get Up and Running Fast

We can help your clinic start seeing patients virtually in as little as one week. Bluestream Health has zero implementation cost and no special hardware requirements. Our HIPAA-Compliant solution has industry-leading security and privacy and comes with 24/7 interpreting and real-time reporting. Bluestream also integrates with your EMR provider or practice management system, creating a scalable and integral telehealth solution. Contact us today and let Bluestream help you establish the best virtual care experience a patient can have.