Case Studies

How Signature Healthcare Transformed Into a Virtual Clinic With Bluestream Health

Health care providers in Signature Healthcare’s network were each using their own telemedicine solutions, working with platforms such as and Zoom, and preventing Signature Healthcare from thoroughly and effectively streamlining, coordinating and managing all processes. Signature Healthcare was in search of a virtual care platform that could easily integrate…

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Bluestream platform screenshots on laptop and desktop computers.

Rapid Response from Bluestream: Free Telehealth Solution for Healthcare Professionals Dealing with COVID-19

By: Brian Yarnell, President and Founder Bluestream Health The Bottom Line Bluestream is providing a free, HIPAA-Compliant virtual care solution to help care providers work with patients that are impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak. No strings attached, no downloads, no account setup, no talking to a salesperson- no kidding. Simply…

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