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Bluestream Health Unveils Newly Upgraded Virtual-First Platform to “Work The Way You Work”

Next version of platform-as-a-service designed to work like today’s and tomorrow’s healthcare

NEW YORK, July 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Bluestream Health, the rapidly growing telehealth platform designed to power healthcare providers and patients, no matter their location, language, or age, today announced its newly upgraded virtual care telehealth platform. The easy-to-use virtual-first platform-as-a-service (PAAS) is designed to work from anywhere, anytime and on any device.

In the last year, healthcare organizations have embraced virtual care at scale, making it a part of the fabric of the healthcare system and as essential as a stethoscope. However, many organizations rushed to deploy applications that met the moment but were not ideal as long-term solutions.

The biggest issue in the last year was that virtual care was not yet designed to work the way that healthcare works,” said Brian Yarnell, co-founder and president, Bluestream Health. “At Bluestream Health, we listened, and we imagined what true virtual care could be like. This inspired us to create a virtual-first system that is designed for the way healthcare works today yet can evolve to fit future needs.”

Bluestream Health’s virtual-first system is delivered either as a complete set of API’s configurable to whatever workflows are necessary, or as a turnkey solution, which offers the same scalability and flexibility with industry-leading user interfaces. This eliminates the need for various point solutions, none of which alone do all that health organizations require and that are hard to configure.

New features in the platform include, expanding multi-party calls to four or more participants in a session at once. This updated design of the encounter will make it easy for patients to enter a session, to queue and bring clinicians, interpreters, family members and other members of the care team in and out of an episode of care in the same way a patient would in real life.

The Bluestream Health virtual-first platform is currently in place at many healthcare organizations delivering millions of minutes of consults every month. Medstar Health, NYC Health + Hospitals, Leon Medical Center are just a few customers to have adopted Bluestream Health.

How does it work?
The key to the Bluestream Health platform is a single Virtual-First WebRTC API that integrates throughout the entire health system, connecting all apps in the organization and EMR Systems to deliver a seamless virtual care experience throughout the continuum of care for patients and clinicians.

Bluestream Health’s APIs are built for healthcare. They come with the functions needed for healthcare specific workflows. For example, the Bluestream Health solution comes with HIPAA compliant data storage, the workflow to route patients to the right provider, bringing in specialty services such as interpretation and an array of healthcare features and making the Bluestream Health platform one of the most agile virtual care solutions today.

The solution is easy to integrate into existing workflows and specialty services can be easily added like interpreters, clinical specialists, and family members. Bluestream Health delivers both front-end resources to connect the API’s to a health system and back-end resources to do the work behind the firewall.

“This upgrade is one more step in our mission to improve access to care and operational efficiency. We have an exciting roadmap that will continue to help the healthcare industry serve patients better and improve the efficiency of operations,” added Yarnell.

About Bluestream Health
Bluestream Health is a leading virtual care enabler to healthcare providers and health systems. With over 500 health system facilities and 50,000 providers, Bluestream Health is delivering over four million video minutes and 100,000 on-demand virtual care visits each month with average wait times of 12 seconds. Our virtual care management platform provides clinics, health systems and payers with a simple and low-cost way to build, deploy, and manage complex video enabled clinical workflows.

Erin Farrell Talbot
Farrell Talbot Consulting for Bluestream Health

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