Bluestream Health Platform Adopted by Signature Healthcare’s 180 Providers to Slow COVID-19 Patient Surge

NEW YORK, April 6, 2020 ( – In order to protect the health and safety of patients, staff and their community during the COVID-19 pandemic, Signature Healthcare adopted guidelines that include the use of telemedicine.  

Signature Healthcare selected Bluestream Health’s telemedicine platform for its simple user experience and rapid deployment capability. Within several hours, a large portion of healthcare professionals at Signature Healthcare was onboard and providing virtual consults via the Rapid Response solution.

Signature Healthcare is a premier local not-for-profit provider of safe, quality, personalized medical services in Southeastern Massachusetts consisting of Brockton Hospital, Signature Medical Group (180 physicians practicing in 18 ambulatory locations) and Brockton Hospital School of Nursing.

“No special equipment is needed to access Telehealth. The system is patient-friendly using a SMART phone or laptop or tablet with a camera. We text or e-mail our patients a link and provide an appointment time. The patient then clicks on the link, agrees to the consent form, and will be connected with their doctor for a virtual visit,” said Gerald Greeley, Chief Information Officer at Signature Healthcare.

This change will not only benefit patients through social distancing but will also benefit those who find it difficult to travel to and from medical appointments. While COVID-19 may have been the catalyst for deploying telehealth services at Signature, the team is looking forward to expanding virtual services to other areas as part of their comprehensive patient-centered approach to affordable high-quality care in Southeastern MA.

According to Sandeep Pulim, MD, Bluestream Health’s Chief Medical Officer, “Our team is looking forward to helping optimize complex clinical workflows for virtual care delivery at Signature Healthcare.”

About Bluestream Health: Bluestream is a leading platform-as-a-service provider for online telemedicine to healthcare providers and health systems. With over 500 health facilities and 25 health provider partners, Bluestream is delivering over 2.5 million video minutes and 1.5 million virtual care sessions a month, with average wait times of 30 seconds. Its virtual care platform provides both third-party providers and health systems with a simple and low-cost way to build, deploy, and manage complex clinical workflows.

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