Bluestream and 2,300+ Small and Large Health Providers Combat COVID-19 with Free Virtual Care Solution

One large-scale enterprise provider, Medstar Health, is onboarding hundreds of employees

NEW YORK, March 24, 2020 ( – Last week, telemedicine provider Bluestream Health offered its HIPAA-compliant virtual care solution to health care providers free of charge to help treat COVID-19 impacted patients remotely — and it’s already making a difference. 

Telemedicine and virtual examinations are essential in reducing exposure during the outbreak, as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends avoiding close contact with others. Implementing telemedicine lessens on-site clinic burdens and reduces exposure for front-line professionals and patients. 

Bluestream Health’s free virtual care solution, called “Rapid Response,” is focused on limiting exposure of health care providers to infected patients, treating as many patients as possible, and delivering rapid virtual consults with extreme efficiency.

Bluestream’s telemedicine solution has already helped several small and large health care organizations virtually deploy clinical resources with incredible speed and scale. In the past week, more than 1,500 organizations have signed up, with a rate of approximately 250 new organization sign-ups per day. Bluestream Health is averaging more than 6,000 video consults and 35,000 video minutes per day and growing.

One large-scale provider, the nonprofit, community-based health system MedStar Health, has deployed Rapid Response across more than 25 points of care for on-demand, remote access to emergency medicine physicians, physician assistants, and other clinical specialists. MedStar is averaging more than 5,000 Bluestream sessions per month with an impressively short wait time of less than 60 seconds.

“We have worked with Bluestream for more than a year to deploy a telehealth system that is extraordinarily scalable and flexible, with the goal of giving our clinical teams the ability to rapidly adapt and respond to care delivery needs virtually,” explained Bill Sheahan, MedStar’s Vice President of Telehealth. “In the face of the COVID-19 crisis, this hard work to advance MedStar Health’s telehealth capabilities has enabled our system to respond with speed, scale and flexibility.”

In light of the outbreak, Bluestream has significantly scaled up its infrastructure to deliver features that well-known competitors do not have, such as HIPAA-compliant tracking, easy customer adoption (no downloads), integrated consent forms, and super-simple workflows.

About Bluestream Health: Bluestream is a leading provider for online telemedicine to healthcare providers and health systems. With over 500 health facilities and 25 health provider partners, Bluestream is delivering over 400,000 video minutes and 30,000 virtual care sessions a month, with average wait times of 30 seconds. Its virtual care platform provides both third-party providers and health systems with a simple and low-cost way to build, deploy, and manage complex clinical workflows.

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