Behavioral Health and Telepsychiatry

There’s a growing shortage of psychiatrists nationwide. It’s becoming harder for healthcare providers to deliver in-person mental health treatment in a timely manner. But that doesn’t change the fact that when someone needs mental health care, they need it as quickly as possible. Bluestream is here to help: Our industry-leading on-demand virtual care platform enables fast and efficient telepsychiatry services, allowing service providers and hospitals to more effectively and quickly provide care to patients and relief sooner.

For inpatient care, behavioral health specialists can make rounds and treat patients virtually. In emergency room situations, our unique platform allows at-risk mental health patients to speak with a clinical psychiatrist that’s licensed in their state within five minutes or less on average.

Quicker access to crisis intervention means better care for patients. It also often results in fewer hospital admissions, as more patients can be sent home with proper medication and counseling. Everybody wins with Bluestream.

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