virtual consultation

Virtual Consultations in Healthcare are Here to Stay

Virtual consultations in healthcare have become more common than ever, thanks in part to changes in telehealth reimbursement regulations during the pandemic and the public’s growing familiarity with the tools.  While virtual consultations existed long before the pandemic, they’re fast becoming a preferred method for the first point of contact…

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Virtual Telemedicine

Virtual Telemedicine: Innovative Care Delivery Models

Healthcare, specifically virtual telemedicine, is experiencing a fundamental shift in focus to become more patient-centric. (About time!) Patient-centric virtual care means that patients have more control over where, when, and how they receive care. This level of virtual telemedicine also gives providers the tools they need to offer valuable, effective…

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Online Telemedicine Success Stories at NETRC Conference 2021

Conference speaker Brian Yarnell, President and Co-Founder of Bluestream Health, highlights successful online telemedicine implementations at the 2021 NETRC Regional Telehealth Conference. The Northeast Telehealth Resource Center (NETRC) Regional Telehealth Conference attracts the nation’s most influential health systems and telehealth providers to share best practices, innovations, and rapid implementation success…

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virtual telemedicine

Beyond Virtual Telemedicine: Discovering the Future of Virtual Care

What is Virtual Telemedicine? Virtual telemedicine is only a small part of today’s healthcare transformation. It is one step toward a virtual-first approach to healthcare that can improve access for everyone. The term “telemedicine” is often used interchangeably with virtual care. But telemedicine only includes synchronous interactions like video conference…

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Top Telemedicine Problems to Avoid

Virtual healthcare is known by many names these days – telemedicine, telehealth, digital medicine, it keeps going. Whatever the name, this digital mode of care is expanding rapidly in response to the needs of the pandemic and the growth of new technology. This rapid expansion has been accompanied by some…

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Different Types of Virtual Care

Virtual care can be implemented across every point in the care continuum, for all departments in a healthcare organization. And virtual care isn’t limited to video visits or general concerns.  An EHR-integrated virtual care platform improves patient access to better care, wherever they are, for practically any type of care…

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Virtual Care Implementation with Bluestream Health

Transitioning from a temporary COVID virtual care solution to a permanent virtual care solution can seem intimidating, but Bluestream Health makes the process of implementation quick and straightforward. Switching the bulk of your everyday appointments to virtual care can be possible in a matter of weeks, whether you have five…

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