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It’s simple: Access to healthcare specialists and high-quality care should be fast, easy, and efficient. That’s why we created Bluestream, an on-demand virtual care network connecting patients, experts, and providers—no more unnecessary travelling, no more crowded ERs, no more wasted time. Just access to healthcare specialists at the click of a button.

Bluestream owns the patent on the intelligent routing of video calls to appropriate providers. Our one-of-a-kind Provisioning Engine© is the only patented technology in existence for automating complex clinical workflows for remote care delivery. Bluestream’s live, secure video conference system is currently used in over 500 healthcare facilities and that number is growing as you read this. Each month Bluestream delivers an average of 30,000 virtual care sessions and more than 360,000 minutes of video consults with an average wait time of 25 seconds. Did we mention that we’re fast?

We’re also light, flexible, and affordable. Our low-cost, HIPAA compliant, turnkey platform integrates seamlessly into existing workflows and healthcare settings. Other companies claim that their platforms offer true interoperability but many don’t. Bluestream does. We’re extremely user-friendly and easy to employ, which allows you to be up and running immediately. It’s really that simple. Bluestream is your virtual care platform: easy, configurable, networked.

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