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500+ healthcare facilities and over 30,000 healthcare providers are using Bluestream to fight COVID-19

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Video Conferencing Alone Is Not Telehealth

Video is just the beginning of virtual care. Bluestream’s HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform empowers third party providers, health systems and clinics to offer best-in-market video connectivity along with clinical workflows, patient and expert queue management and real time reporting. Bluestream is super easy to use, extremely flexible and requires no apps, downloads or plugins. Initiate a virtual care visit with a simple link sent by text or email and opened over the web from any device. Set up your health system or 3rd-party service provider infrastructure to reach your patients or customers in minutes and at a low cost.

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This Is Not Your Grandmother’s Telehealth

Our open, networked and flexible platform makes oldschool, siloed, expensive and slow-to-deploy virtual care solutions obsolete. Bluestream’s patented virtual care solution is built to be deployed in minutes to days and at low cost.

We can help you onboard and optimize your own team of providers across locations, states, and business lines, and also blend internal and external resources on a single integrated platform. Seamlessly deliver your services to your customers or patients in a simple, effective platform for instant or scheduled virtual care visits.

A Complete Virtual Care Solution

Bluestream is a white-labeled, hosted solution that easily scales from the most basic deployment to complex, integrated, enterprise-wide clinical workflows. We can make your existing tools and infrastructure telehealth-capable with secure APIs and seamless access to an ecosystem of services like interpreting in 200+ languages and ASL. We can integrate with your existing ADT, EMR, practice management and billing systems.

Bluestream’s HD video platform has best-in-market functionality with easy one-click access to virtual care via mobile, PC or tablet. It also delivers seamless remote patient and provider queue management and detailed reporting. You’ll have complete access to customize Bluestream for your healthcare system, provider service, patients and customers.

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Virtual Care Is a Click Away

Speed matters when delivering mission-critical healthcare. With Bluestream, virtual care is literally a single click away. Since we don’t require an app, download or install, health and service providers can send patients or customers a link via text or email and eliminate any barriers to adoption.

Bluestream also has industry-leading features and functions such as 3-way calling, screen capture, notes and customizable intake, consent and survey forms.

Queue Management Like No Other

Modern telehealth takes more than a video conference. Workflow-oriented features like Bluestream’s queue management system give health systems and providers the tools to deliver true virtual care. Our users deliver at unprecedented speed and scale, with extreme efficiency for complex care delivery like ED Triage, rounding and hub-and-spoke specialist access.

Our patented provisioning engine can automatically route incoming and scheduled consults seamlessly to the most appropriate and available skilled-based provider. With zero manual coordination, you can deliver care in one location, across multiple locations, across state lines or even between health systems and 3rd-party providers. Your patient is never more than 30 seconds away from care.

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Complex Clinical Workflows Made Simple

One of the most powerful aspects of Bluestream’s platform is c@nvas. A first for the virtual care market, c@nvas makes complex clinical workflows simple and fast to deploy. Within hours or days, your team can design, test and deploy complex care delivery with zero custom coding. Quickly deploy virtually any workflow from triage, wound care, behavioral to home health and beyond. If you can imagine it you can build it with ease and speed.

Bluestream also offers in-platform interpreter services to get your virtual care visits in front of every patient. Lastly, expect best-of-breed admin controls for the building, managing and reporting on workflows, and patient/provider interactions. Whether across one location with a single provider or thousands of providers across a distributed health system, Bluestream gives you the power to deliver the care your patients need.

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