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Virtual care is now part of the fabric of healthcare. The challenge is how
virtual care can make an even greater contribution to your organization?
Forward-thinking organizations are taking action and building new
on-demand virtual care solutions with Bluestream Health.

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your virtual care solution

500+ Healthcare facilities and over 50,000 healthcare providers use the telemedicine solution from Bluestream Health to deliver virtual care

The shift to on-demand care means making it easy for all patients to access care providers 24/7 through multiple front doors, and providing the tools to efficiently turn brick-and-mortar workflows into virtual with intelligent triage/escalation and efficient handoff to clinical delivery.


How to create a best-in-class virtual healthcare patient experience

Virtual healthcare should solve many of today’s care challenges-but does it? Creating the best care experience for patients is one of the primary goals in healthcare today. Virtual care is a critical part of this experience. The problem is that for many, the virtual care experience is not good enough or not even accessible.

If you are looking for new ideas to improve the virtual care experience, this white paper will help you.

Checklist: “Key Features to Look for in Virtual Care APIs”

Are you a digital health developer looking to upgrade your platform with virtual care? Are you a technology developer for a healthcare organization, looking for ways to improve how you deliver virtual care services? This checklist will help you develop the right set of requirements for best-in-class virtual care APIs…

Upgrading from Telehealth: What to Look for in a Virtual Care Solution

Five years ago, physicians and patients were reluctant to incorporate telehealth solutions due to poor workflow integration, patient privacy concerns, and uncertainties about insurance coverage. COVID-19 has quickly uncovered the need for robust telehealth services; the demand is higher now than ever before…

Bluestream Health Appears for the First Time on the Inc. 5000 List

Three- year growth rate of 554 percent demonstrates a commitment to virtual care platform-as-a-service

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Who We Serve

Healthcare Systems

Earn 10x more patient visits at ⅓ the cost with Bluestream Health Virtual Care.

Increase patient volume while spending less time on each appointment with a virtual care and telemedicine platform that emphasizes usability and simplicity enabling your staff to focus on the tasks that drive revenue.

Empower your physicians to spend more time on patient care and waste less time getting bogged down by poorly designed telehealth systems and cumbersome workflows.

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A Seamless Continuum of Care

Bluestream connects you with your patients wherever they are and creates a seamless continuum of care that extends beyond the four walls of your practice. Patients can be connected to the virtual session easily and interact with the doctor, nurse, clinical staff, and interpreters at the same time, making the entire patient visit more efficient for everyone involved. With integrated interpreting access to over 200 languages and American Sign Language, Bluestream Health allows healthcare providers to communicate with patients in their native language and as a result, reach more patients more easily than ever before.

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The Virtual-first Solution for Value-based Care

Bluestream Health’s platform is designed to adapt to the unique needs of each healthcare organization, including health insurance organizations and the new breed of “payviders”.

We have deep experience in configuring solutions for value-based care use cases. For example, configuring workflows for scheduled or on-demand healthcare services and unique use cases such as ED diversion.

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Bluestream’s Enterprise Telehealth API’s Bluestream+ is ready on day one with no additional charges for BAA, and includes HIPAA-compliance, enterprise environment, SIP integration, built-in interpreting, and more.

Bluestream+ is an entire virtual care solution in a box goes far beyond what other basic video API providers offer to include all the user interfaces and clinical workflows one needs to stand up a virtual solution. The result is a telehealth solution that requires far less cost and resources to deploy and can be live in weeks.

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Service Providers

Reach more people, in more locations, with a powerful, flexible Virtual Care platform-as-a-service.

Virtual care is no longer an optional add-on service. Your patients and providers want it on-demand. Even more, they want virtual care to be personable and easy-to-use. Now, you can provide a friendly virtual experience that is optimized for better value based care delivery.

With the right virtual care platform, physician services firms can:

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How To Create a Best-in-class Virtual Care Experience

Download our guide to creating best-in-class virtual patient experience

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ANALYSIS  |  BY ERIC WICKLUND  |   SEPTEMBER 28, 2022 The three health systems are expanding their study on telehealth use for primary care during the pandemic to examine how connected health platforms can address the access needs of people with chronic conditions and other vulnerable populations. Three major health systems are expanding an…

HIMSS TV Features Brian Yarnell, Bluestream Health’s President

In this 3-minute video, HIMSS TV interviews, Bluestream Health’s President Brian Yarnell. In this interview, Brian discusses the evolution of virtual care, how it is becoming more consumer-centric and how the Bluestream Health’s virtual care platform-as-a-service is being used to create better health equity. Brian forecasts where virtual care is…

HIStalk Interviews Brian Yarnell, President, Bluestream Health

An interview with Brian Yarnell, Bluestream Health President by HISTalk. Tell me about yourself and the company. I got started in healthcare 10 years ago. Prior to that, I worked in digital media, consumer behavior, and data-driven analysis for retail, manufacturing, marketing, and sales. I have quite a bit of…