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Your Telehealth Platform: Easy, Configurable, Networked.

Seamlessly Delivering the Right Expertise at the Right Time

Bluestream is a cloud-based telehealth exchange that deliver healthcare specialists with the click of a button.

Patented technology automates routing and escalation across complex ecosystems, and proprietary APIs seamlessly embed remote care delivery into virtually any care setting.




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Over 200 Health Systems Trust Bluestream to Deliver Care


Transplant Link

TransplantLink enables transplant teams to accept referrals 24/7 via secure video.

The platform drives referrals through portals for primary care physicians and partner organizations for multiple organ groups including liver, kidney and small bowel.

Where needed, interpreting in over 200 languages is directly integrated.


Behavioral Health Connect

The Bluestream platform provides instant secure video access to psychiatrists, and controls costs by leveraging teams of experts within customer organizations where possible.

Over 40 facilities across 10 states use Behavioral Health Connect to help defuse crises, prevent unnecessary admissions, and deliver care to patients in need.


Triage Link

Bluestream powers on-demand, 24/7 access at the point of care to clinicians that prevent readmissions in skilled nursing, hospice and home care.

Nurses and aides use a streamlined mobile portal to directly access physicians, wound-care experts, pharmacists and other clinical support specialists through secure video.

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"We stood up a Transplants referral service we call MedStar TranplantLink in two weeks, with high ease-of-use for providers who agreed to participate in what is unavoidably an on-demand, right now healthcare economy. Bluestream is swift, straight-forward and delivers big ROI."

-Pete Celano, MedStar Institute for Innovation